🔥 FOMO Week #3 Roundup

Justin Wu
July 29, 2020

🤔 In Before “Wen FOMO Week 4?” 🤔

BetProtocol’s FOMO Week #3 was a huge success, and the biggest one to date. In this post we recap all the achievements that happened this last FOMO Week, and give a glimpse of what is coming ahead in our roadmap for 2020.

🚀 BitMax Listing + Staking

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BetProtocol’s listing on BitMax was a big event for us, since it is a significant step in the right direction on our liquidity roadmap. BitMax has consistently risen in the ranks among exchanges, and has cemented itself as one of the premiere global exchanges for altcoin trading and liquidity.

BitMax is also extremely selective when it comes to projects that it offers for staking.

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There are only 8 projects offered for staking on BitMax, and it is clear that BetProtocol is in good company. Starting from listing date and until one month after, a promotional APR of 35% will be applied to BEPRO tokens staked on BitMax. So far the turnout has been greater than expected, with a lot of BEPRO tokens making their way onto BitMax in order to be staked.

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🚀 BitMax $BEPRO competitions with $100,000 in Rewards

Listing activities on BitMax are superior than most activities on other exchanges, precisely because they aren’t simply “trading competitions” where the best volume bots win.

The activities for BEPRO on BitMax are all Net Buy and staking competitions, all designed to incentivise investment and long term holding of BEPRO tokens via staking.

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BitMax has also kindly put up $50,000 in USDT liquidity to incentivise liquidity providers to be present on the BEPRO/USDT book. So far so good, and our market on BitMax for USDT is incredibly liquid now.

🚀 Client Portal 2.0 launch

BetProtocol is always tech and sales first. Our live operators are constantly giving us feedback on our products, and we’ve listened. That’s why we have released our new and improved Client Portal 2.0

Reminder: BetProtocol is a real company with real paying clients using our very real technology. That’s right, you can play on platforms that are live with real money stakes using our tech right now:

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🚀 HUGE Crypto Media Traction

Our FOMO Week happened to get the attention of a lot of crypto media outlets. Here are some excerpts:

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Full Coinvision Report here.

We are hot in Korea too:

🚀 AMA on BitMax and The Gem Hunters

Transcript here

⏭ So, what’s next? Wen (Insert Event Here)❓

Stay tuned later this week for another technology update!

🙌 Thank You

We’d like to thank all of our partners and especially our Team for making FOMO Week #3 a huge success. It takes a HUGE amount of work, effort and planning to put together each one of these FOMO Weeks. Lots of things have to align on multiple fronts: Development, Operations, & Marketing. It was a team effort and we proud that it was such a big success.

Special thanks to BitMax, Coinvision and The Gem Hunters for their support!

About BetProtocol

BetProtocol enables you to create and manage online gaming platforms with no coding required. Thanks to BetProtocol’s blockchain technology, these platforms are secure, scalable and regulatory compliant. No need for expensive developer teams. We provide a fully customisable white label solution for crypto-enabled online casinos, Esports betting apps, sports books, slots, and more.

Justin Wu
Justin Wu, COO & Co-Founder of BetProtocol.

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