BEPRO Tokenomics

October 4, 2020

BetProtocol is committed to the long term success of BEPRO.

Originally Published March 12 2020


Network Growth Fund Tokens: We’ve decided to lock Network Growth Fund tokens for 24 months from listing, and not start unlocking until December 2021. These tokens are to ensure the long-term supply availability of $BEPRO tokens for large operators to enter the market efficiently via OTC;

Ecosystem Tokens: We’ve decided to earmark these tokens for a community-based, gamified rewards & incentives system that benefits long-term $BEPRO token holders. The vesting will still be the same as previously, but their use will be repurposed for greater $BEPRO Community engagement and gamification. We will do a separate, more detailed announcement about this in the coming months;

Private Sale fully vested as of March 12 2020

$BEPRO tokens BetProtocol receives as gas will continue to be locked for 2 years, further diminishing circulating supply over time when operators are live.

Summary of Changes:

1. Ecosystem tokens vesting is unchanged, but they will be earmarked for community rewards and gamification to benefit long-term $BEPRO holders. Stay tuned for another announcement explaining this!

2. Private Sale tokens are now fully vested to avoid supply-side shock and mitigate illiquid markets for the first BetProtocol Operators going live this quarter.

3. Network Growth Fund tokens will be fully locked until December 2021
The new chart for token supply vesting now looks like this:

4. Circulating supply after 12 months goes down from 4.85 Billion BEPRO to 3.075 Billion BEPRO, a reduction of 36%.

5. Private sale is now fully unlocked, but the net effect is a reduction in circulating supply in the near and mid-term.

6.The full release of all BEPRO tokens extended from 24 months to 36 months which greatly flattens the supply increase curve on all time frames.

Listing Date: December 17 2019

In closing

We’d like to thank all the advisors and BEPRO Community members for their feedback and continuing support. We believe that these changes to tokenomics and release schedule will be a welcome sign to stakeholders across the board. The team is committed to the long-term success of the $BEPRO token in the secondary markets, and to fulfilling BetProtocol’s vision of upgrading the online gaming industry to the new blockchain-enabled paradigm we are #BUIDL’ing.

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BetProtocol enables anyone in the world to create gaming platforms with no coding required. Thanks to BetProtocol’s blockchain technology, these platforms are secure, scalable and regulatory compliant. Its vision is to enable anyone in the world to dream of being a gaming platform owner one morning, and actually be one that same day.

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